Clean Slate 6.5 Build 3327

Clean Slate 6.5 Build 3327



Size:26.8 MB

Date Added:18 January, 2013

Author: Fortres Grand Corp.

Category: Utilities  >  Security



Clean SlateT« - Nonrestrictive Disk Protection, Discards unwanted user changes at log off or reboot, No Partitioning Ever, Effortless Windows Critical Updates Support, Seamless AV Updates, Easy Application Blocking, Enable-Disable-Configure with No Rebooting Ever, Super Flexible, Easy, Secure!

Clean Slate takes only minutes to install and needs no attention, ever, for most installations. Clean Slate restores the computer to its original configuration discarding unwanted user changes: including erased files, installed software, downloaded spyware and adware, downloaded viruses and Trojan horses, and altered icons.

Without requiring any effort from the administrator, Clean Slate automatically accommodates Windows Critical Updates. No need for complicated scripting, scheduling of downtime, and leaving computers on overnight. It just works! These Windows Critical Updates are vital to protect not only the computer being updated, but also other computers connected with this computer throughout the local network and beyond. Clean Slate makes it easy to be a responsible Internet citizen by keeping all of your computers updated with the latest security patches. Again it requires nothing of you but to install Clean Slate.

Clean Slate allows for automated remote software deployment and maintenance while maintaining a secure computing experience. Use any third party deployment tool while Clean Slate security is active. Your computers are never left vulnerable.

Products with broadly similar characteristics to Clean Slate lack the flexibility and the technology to accommodate this non-trivial need. They require that the security be taken down every time any routine maintenance task needs to be performed, creating unacceptable vulnerabilities, inviting unascertainable threats, and interrupting lab availability. Clean Slate, with a simple configuration, works smoothly with third party deployment tools.

With this important benefit, Clean Slate allows computer maintenance tasks to be performed without the need to remove students from computers or disable security on computers.

TE Automatically removes unwanted downloads, software installations, and all effects of user mischief, including spyware and adware
TE Complete security from malicious or inexperienced users
TE Just log off or reboot to find the Windows desktop looking the same
TE Automatically restores icons that users delete or hide and remove icon clutter that users add
TE New software cannot be permanently installed without your authorization
TE Clears all virus downloads
TE Multiple levels of administrative access determined by username and password
TE If files have been renamed, deleted, or moved, just log off or reboot and everything is back to your configuration
TE You can schedule to disable security by time of day
TE Easily select individual files and folders to be free of security; this is ideal when permanent changes are desired
TE Never worry about a user forgetting to log off the computer. Clean Slate will automatically log off, shut down, or restart the computer after a period of inactivity
TE Works great with computer imaging software
TE Ideal solution for public access computers
TE Your computer will remain free from downloads and software installations, including spyware and adware
TE Perfect for computer Kiosks
TE Finicky and security averse programs get along well with Clean Slate
TE Easily enable security for administrative logon
TE Saves you valuable time
TE Removes your chore of re-imaging or cleaning a computer

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista

Tags: configuration restorer   restore configuration   restore state   configuration   restore   erase  

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